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Thank you for your interest in Big J Railway Signal Enterprises. We would like to inform you of our privacy policy before you continue using our site. In short, we monitor the use of our website and want you to be aware of this during your visit.

To begin, we must explain some things about what happens on the World Wide Web in general. First, "cookies" are small files that can be stored on your computer and retrieved again by websites that you visit. Their purpose is to help web servers to recognize you as the same user when you navigate to a different part of a website or return to the same part again later. Whether this is good or bad depends on why it is done and whether or not the user agrees to it. Most browsers can be configured to accept or reject cookies, sometimes even selectively on a site-by-site basis. Second, web pages may contain scripts or calls to run scripts for a number of reasons including to help a server to know when a certain page is being viewed. Again, whether this is good or bad depends on the circumstances, and it may be possible to enable or disable scripts, depending on the browser. Third, fundamental web protocol requires your computer to at least send a web server a URL request for the content that you wish to see, and this cannot be avoided. A URL request contains information such as your IP address so that the server knows where to send the copy of the page or object that was requested. If these things are used as described above, without malicious programming instructions (i.e., viruses, spyware, etc.) they do not furnish a web server or its operators with personal information such as your name and street address directly, but they can easily be used to establish your viewing habits within a particular site on an anonymous basis and also give clues about your identity such as your geographic location or your public IP address (which is usually associated with your Internet service provider). If your identity is somehow determined, especially through your voluntary submission of such information on some websites as through web forms where you type your name, it could potentially be associated with the otherwise anonymous information that had already been collected about your viewing habits on that particular website in the past and also information that had yet to be collected in the future.

Big J Railway Signal Enterprises desires to know, on an anonymous basis, in which cities our viewers are located, how often our website gets visitors, what our visitors look at, and to what extent they look at it; thus helping us to know how useful our website is for business purposes and how we might improve it in the future. Because of this, we or our third-party website monitoring service will attempt to use cookies, scripts, URL requests, and closely related mechanisms to help collect pertinent data necessary for the desired analysis. Big J cannot ascertain personal information such as your name simply as a result of your viewing the website alone, nor is such personal information associated through any automatic technical means with the information that is collected. However, there are some circumstances where we may be able to guess your identity by nontechnical means when we view our statistics. For example, if your company is well known in the railroad industry but located in a small town, we may guess that someone from your company has looked at our website if we see that someone from that town has viewed our site. Except to perform the aforementioned analysis, we do not intend to collect any information about the users as a result of their viewing this website.

We especially do not intend to gather information using our website with the intent to pass it along to any third party except our monitoring service. However, because of the nature of the information seen on our website and the fact that there is no opportunity to voluntarily submit sensitive information through it, as through web forms or fields, we feel that the viewing patterns of our visitors while at the site, which are largely anonymous as described above, are not something for which they have an expectation of high privacy, and so we may not take rigid measures to guard the viewing data that we collect to such an extent as would be expected were we to gather names and credit card information through the site.

You are not required to have your browser accept cookies or run scripts as a condition for viewing the Big J website. In any case, by continuing to view the website, you accept that we and our monitoring service may routinely attempt to gather data on the assumption that this functionality is available, and handle what data we successfully collect as described in this agreement.

This agreement may change without notice except as posted on this site.

Last Revised: April 11, 2007 by M.R.E.

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